9/9 vs. Indianapolis Colts

Losing Peyton Manning really hurt this franchise.  It was a hard move for the Colts to make and hard for Peyton to let go of the team he called home for 12 years. 

It will not matter which QB the Colts get, RG3 or Andrew Luck, the Bears do not care.  Their focus will be on how they can take stop that quarterback from having success. 


9/13 @ Green Bay Packers.

This is a Thursday night game in Green Bay. Battle between Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers will be the highlight of Week 2. 

Both defensives are dominate especially in this rivalry.  This will be low scoring even though both teams have very good wide receivers. 


9/23 vs. St. Louis Rams   

This comes down to a battle of Matt Forte and Steven Jackson.  Both are high power running backs with a lot of heart for the game.