To understand where I am going with this article feel free to take moment and look back on a previous article under the name "Reflection on "5 Things the Red Sox Need to do in 2013 to get back on top" ( In this article I listed 5 things I believed were something the Sox needed to work on over the next season or next few seasons if they plan on becoming the team they were a few years ago. Over the past 2 seasons the Sox have missed the playoffs for multiple reasons and injuries, lack of teamwork, a faulty rotation, stupid errors and lack of speed on the bases has been just a few of the reasons the Sox have failed to do much. Obviously, firing Francona did not help anything as last year just got worse being one of the worst Red Sox seasons in the past century. Now for this article I will review and reflect on the 5 things and how they have either improved or gotten worse through the first 2 months of play this season.