TJR Power Rankings is evolving!  This is my first foray into Fan vs Fan Slideshows, so that's exciting, right?  Not as exciting as Chad Kroeger and Avril Lavigne getting engaged though, where my Canadians at?!  Sorry, somehow I missed my opportunity to make that joke in Headlines, so I felt I should shoe-horn it in here.  You're welcome.  But if I can be serious for a minute...  It's September!  Summer is over, and it's time for a fresh set of wrestling rankings.  Who's off the list?  Who rose through the rankings?  And is there a new number one?  You'll just have to read on to find out.

Honorable Mentions

Bully Ray: No, he hasn't won much as of late, but if you've read my work before, you know that I love the Bully Ray character.  Devon Dudley decided to walk from TNA, spurring rumors that if Ray did the same, the two could make one last run in the WWE.  But right now, Bully Ray is the best pure-heel TNA has, it's hard to envision them giving him up.  The guy is doing the best work of his career.

Samoa Joe: I've gone through wildly different opinions on Samoa Joe.  At first, I just didn't get what made him so special.  Then, I appreciated his unique abilities.  Then, I felt sorry that TNA seemed intent on mishandling him.  Now, I'm glad to see Joe revitalized, and turning in great work.  He's had some fantastic matches over the past year, and has been a surprise force in the Bound for Glory Series.  Joe is currently second in the standings, and although James Storm is the most likely candidate to win the series, Joe has at least gotten his swagger back.

Off the Rankings

The Miz: Sure, Miz endured his un-push, and now carries a title, but he's still not booked strong in matches.  It feels like he's the go-to guy when two top faces need to fight two top heels, but in reality there's only one top heel.  Miz is inserted, and he's an afterthought in the match.  He had a top match with John Cena last Monday, but it was unremarkable, which is astonishing seeing as it was a WrestleMania 27 rematch.  Miz looks rejuvenated, but he also needs direction.

Big Show: Now that SummerSlam is over, and CM Punk is more defined as a heel, Big Show will take a step back as a main eventer.  Despite his age and shape, he was turning in some good work.  It will be interesting to see what creative has for him next.  A much-needed break would be good, or he could possibly put an up and come over.  I'm reaching, but it could happen.