Michael DeNicola

EA Games is one of the largest video game publishers in the world and has been a gaming landmark in geeks' lives universally since 1982. 

And in those 29 glorious years, EA Games branched its genius to sports (EA Sports); Madden NFL, NCAA Sports, NBA, PGA Golf, MLB, Boxing, and of course.....NHL


Each fall season EA Sports publishes the latest edition of NHL, and this year's NHL 12 is due to hit store shelves by September 11th, 2011. 

It's a tradition of EA's NHL to honor a star player in the league on their front cover. The past two years it's been a Chicago Blackhawk (Patrick Kane & Jonathon Toews). Something's telling me EA won't go for the hat trick on the next one. 



So who's it gonna be?

Here's a better question; Who SHOULD it be?

That's where I come in. I've gone ahead and gave it some deep thought and came out with my Top 5 Candidates. These next chosen few really stood out during the regular season and the Stanley Cup Playoffs and I believe deserve to stare each NHL gamer in the face with every purchase. 

You [the reader] may or may not agree, so I highly encourage each of you to leave your feedback below in the comment section. Wanna lay out some praise for the player or my decision? Be my guest. Wanna burn my ass and tell me I should have my head examined? Leave me a physician's contact info. Or even if you want to list YOUR Top 5 Candidates, please do! I'm open to it all. 

I'll begin naturally with my #5 suiter and work my way to good ol' numero uno. 

Starting at last (but certainly NOT least) is...