According to, the following are new game features set for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game: NEW NAVIGATION SYSTEM

  • The entire navigation system has been overhauled and reanimated including all walking, running, and dragging motions to give the game a more fluid and life-like feel and look.
  • Overall Superstar movement has been accelerated, meaning the action is faster-paced and more like what you see on WWE television.
  • There is now a "starting up" animation for when Superstars begin running. This leads to a more natural-looking match, where it is more difficult to "spam" running attacks.
  • Animation gestures have been added such as adjusting wrist bands, motioning for your opponent to get up, and many more to give a human-like appearance to the navigation system.


  • Strike and strike combos are now quicker and snappier, making them faster and harder to reverse.
  • Successfully landing a strike combo now puts your opponent in a groggy state, making groggy grapples appear earlier and more frequently.


  • Reversing a grapple move now causes the reverser to do a move of his/her own automatically.
  • This cuts down on the endless back-and-forth "reversal fest" some users complained of in WWE '13 while also making the match move faster.


  • Catching Finishers can now be executed offensively, by Irish Whipping your opponent to the ropes with a finisher stored or catapulting your opponent up when they run towards you.
  • Select finisher moves give you the ability to launch an opponent into the air and then hit them with a Catch Finisher on the way back down.


  • New multi-man OMG Moments added to help you gain the upper-hand in multi-man matches. One OMG move can take out two opponents in one shot making it easier to get the win against multiple opponents.
  • Double Attitude Adjustment
  • Double Shellshock
  • Double Chokeslam
  • New OMG Moments added to allow you to dole out even more damage using the ring environment.
  • Boot-to-head on outside ring post
  • DDT on the apron TWO-COUNTS

One of the most reviled bugs in WWE '13 was the dearth of two-counts. This issue has been addressed, bringing back the dramatic near falls you know and love. Like, subscribe, and comment for a chance to win a copy of WWE2k '14 Video Game!!!