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  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "Bills Blow Ass.... 3-0 don't let that fool you! the Seahawks 1-2(lost to S.F.) woah that a solid victory (Not!) Jaxsonville 1-2 oooh Solid Victory!(NOT!) and then last week....The reason you got bad field postion cause our special teams dominated yours.... our kickers are bad ass!...And we get just one TD in the RED ZONE (3 times) we aren't 1-2...Plus the Refs (N.F.L.) kicking out our Key saftey Gibril Wilson for the rest of the game...Look at the stats Trent Edwards didn't do SHIT until that point so check your notes bro before slamming our secondary! "

  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "I think the argument is lost when a guy states "our kickers are BADASS" after a loss."

  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "aren't they look up the facts!........ I was just spelling it out to the mis-informed fan of why he was getting bad field postion so read a little more carefully!...What about those Dolphins Bro that was a mighty performance in your house! your fans are band wagoners they walk out before the game is even over! what a bunch of CHUMPS! pay to see your team and turn your back on them when they get there ASS handed to them!...Sounds like a bunch of Cry Baby Fans to me!....Yeah your going to go all the way right? or lose when you have to win the most important game of the year! Biggest disgrace of a 18-0 team ever! Choke Choke...LOL Freaking Eli Manning Beat you SHe-ELI...what a JOKE! "

  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "*Biggest disgrace of a 18-0 team ever* Ummmm...yeah it was the biggest disgrace of an 18-0 team ever. However, there has never been another 18-0 team, so who are you putting them up against? Know your facts moron...and show your face....coward"

  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "hahaha your the coward titties you fold up like a chair when you get taken to school and dont know how to make a comeback in what you say! you say the same shit over and over and over!!! your a joke your a bandwagon fan that doesnt know what the fuck your talking about, so as far as im concerned you need to stop showing yourself because your getting embarrased dawg!! take fucking notes come back then talk to the raider nation before you open your clown ass mouth and watch shit come out of it!"

  • commented on your video the fantasy sideline show: "Yeah hey HITLER (BigTito) Your team is the biggest disgrace of a 18-0 team ever and there was another team that went undefeated and ACTUALLY WON! the Super Bowl and that team Buddy is the team that just bent over your team last week Dolphins LOL...That is funny as hell!...Show my face?...why would I want to do that so you can pleasure yourself while you watch me!....I'm sure your that kinda of guy wearing that Wife Beater Shirt and your Classy Avatar...What you in Love with Ron Jeremy...I bet you like seeing his face huh?....Dude I'll come on when ever I feel like it and not a minute sooner!...I think I'll spare you of getting Shut Down in front of your fans here!....Cause you got nothing but the same old rants i've been hearing for 30 years...So come to me with something with substance.... not Mindless Mumbling that any mentally challenged fool can spew like you!... "

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