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The End of the World - The WWE Style

Mayans have predicted that in a few hours the world is gonna end. It may not end the earth, but unfortunatley people are gonna die in that day, the...

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Hell in A Cell 2012 Quick Predictions

Although Hell In A Cell is a few weeks away, it is never too early to give out your predictions. These are my predictions for Hell in A cell after ...

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Raw 1000 Predictions

Expect a great episode in works coming tonight. This is a special moment for the WWE universe and television alike. This is the 1000 episode of the...

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  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "I don't think you're going to get too much opposition on this one...haha. The guy is the lowest dirt bag ever and should never get to play in the NFL ever. The Cowboys would take him."

  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "I hope Goodell dosent even let him be reinstated, so no team can't even talk or think they'll get him!"

  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "This is a tough argument to make since so many people hate the guy but I think he (like anyone else) deserves a second chance. ...... This should also be his LAST chance. If he does ANYTHING else that isn't good or within the limits of the law he should be done. BUT you can't not give someone a second chance. ..... Many people do stupid things every day in this world. But does that mean they shouldn't get a chance to do their job and earn a good salary again? No. It doesn't. It means that you have to determine if the person is actually willing to change. ..... Was what Vick did wrong?? 100% absolutely wrong. But everyone deserves a second chance IF they have served their time and paid the price. And IF they prove that they are remorseful and a changed person."

  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "And I was cut off due to time..What i said at the end is the Raiders give me nothing to root for anymore anyway I've been watching the Raiders for 30 years and the A's for 25 and Yes after seeing all these athletes, Getting busted for murding their wives(Carolina's Rae Carruth), Ray lewis, Leonard Little killing a woman cause he was drunk after he already gotten a DUI before that, I could on and on, But i will no longer put my hard earned money down to support a leauge that is OK with Torture and brutle killings of pregnat Dogs and Gambling if your OK with that then YOU got something very wrong with you!..That tells me you have no Morales at all, If you have children that makes me more sick!, Anyone who thinks he should be allowed back in is just as guilty as him, Second chance Pfffd please!..He will once he steps foot into society again and is free to start his life over again!. You act like there is no other job out there for him I could name Tons of them!. Damn GM you dissapoint me, But like you care anyway!"

  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "i dont know if the personal shots are necessary...and this would really make you stop watching sports as a whole...i mean i could maybe understand the NFL, but all sports...thats crazy mike..."

  • commented on your video Smackdown Analysis: "It's my opinon VERB and if you are OK with it then your just as dirty as Vick the Dick!..and yes ALL sports I can't justify to family and friends that sports is Great when it's already hard too with all the other Dark facts of it!.. This last thing would disqust me royally and signal too me that every person here and the U.S. And world has truely lost there way on morales and integerity of sports will completely be vanished!, and there will be nothing left to embrace!...well maybe Golf cause alot of people don't consider that a sport but a GAME!...but yes I'll stop watching sportcenter,NFL Network, Sports Radio and will not Re-New my season tickets for the Raiders and focus my life on things that have class and integerity, I feel that strong about this and I know one person won't make a difference but at least I can feel good about myself and not support a person who is LESS than Human and people willing to embrace him blindly and say "oh he screwed up" those people have no morales and are Brainwashed by their TV and can't think for themself or their Children! People who argue in favor of Vick are people who just want to argue!, and makes me want too puke!"