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Kicking The Tires On Callahan

In the wake of the news that the New York Rangers might be willing to deal captain Ryan Callahan, comes with a boatload of speculation. The 28 year...

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Torey Krug For Team USA? It's Time To...

With the SochiOlympics closely approaching, Team USA will start piecing together it's roster. This means that USA GM David Poilewill start(if he ha...

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Moving Roberto Luongo Is Not As Easy ...

The season may be over for the Canucks and the city of Vancouver, but there's still a lot of things that need to be addressed with this team. GM Mi...

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  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Plus Earler this year after opening weekend the Raiders got Blew out by the Broncos and C. Mortensen Again comes out and says Kiffin will be fired next week...Didn't happen then after Week 3 Chris Mortensen comes out again Kiffin going to get fired...Didn't happen...then Finally after Week 4 Chris Mortenesen says kiffin's going to get fired...and by this point Al Davis got fed up with the Propaganda and also wasn't happy about Kiffin Ripping Al Davis thru the Media and Chris Mortensen...E.S.P.N. has never under any Circumstances gave love towards the Raiders even when they were Winning in 00', 01', 02 our SB year we still didn't get any love...Hell the 0-16 lions were the worst team in N.F.L. history and they still get more respect then the Raiders and their the biggest Joke in all of sport!...It's BECAUSE we are on the West Coast...If you can't see that i don't what else to say!...Yes the Raiders Suck ASS right now do the Lions, Bengals, K.C. was 2-14 worst than the Raiders i don't hear a peep about them sucking ASS!"

  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Also why is it....the Raiders have gotten screwed over more times in BIG games than any other team in sports....TUCK LUCK game in N.E., Inaccurate Recption, or the 77' Championship game Vs. Denver,...Shit they had to change Rules cause of the Raiders...the only time in my life i ever felt the Raiders got any Love was the 1983 SB year when we smoked the Redskins.....That's it!....They always have positive spins for Shitty teams...but for the Raiders no way in hell!...or even take it a step further you watch this week they will ride the steelers nuts all week and give hardly any respect for S.D. why cause their on the West Coast!"

  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Also to anwser your question more better.. what does it have to do with east coast and west coast if the Raiders move to L.A....cause they know it going to stir the pot up and make more distractions for the FANS like me who has been a season ticket holder for over 5 years and haven't miss a game in Oakland in 14 years...they just want to kick The Raiders and the Fans when there down for no reason...The report was a billionare in So-Cal wanted to buy a share of the team with options of complete control of the team to move it too L.A. and the Raiders said Fuck off to the guy so he ran to Chris Mortensen to expose the story and put pressure on the Raiders!...Normal protocal for reporters is to run by the story too the team before reporting it..But Chris Mortensen didn't do that...Why?...cause it's a story people will eat up that is completely false as i stated in my video Amy Trask CEO of the Raiders said the report is FALSE...end of story...E.S.P.N. reporting False stories should be Fined!"

  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Ok now you sound like everyone else...if YOU lived long enough you wouldn't say that.14 A.F.C. championship games... 5 SB appearences and 3 SB Wins! the same as your pathetic GB Packers Who fuckin suck ASS!.Green Bay has the same amount of SB's.. 3.until you guys win more You aint SHIT every year you don't you're the 0-16 lions at home watching the playoffs like CHUMPS!...But back on point..E.S.P.N. always gives love for the Fucking Bengals what the hell have they ever done? HUH buddy? answer that...or how about the K.C. Queefs what have they won1968 or how about the N.Y. Jets a EAST coast TEAM they haven't won shit since 1969 what the fuck have they done?.. but FAIL like BITCH's... or how about the Fucking TEXANS but they(E.S.P.N.) ride there fucking nuts.the same old nasty Shit out of your Pie Hole... comes out of every EAST coast hater you are like everyone else and just lower yourself to the rest of the Brainwasahed sheep if you knew anything about football you know I am telling the truth!...They NEVER gave us Love when we were good... I know cause when you were sucking on your mothers Tit and crapping in your Diaper the Raiders were winning World championships!...So get your facts straight Your team (G.B.) hasn't won shit in 13 Seasons,before that your talking the fucking 60's so take your hate and misinformed opinon and feel good about yourself... cause you just justified my point thanks!.the EAST coast hates the West coast period they NEVER say anything positive about anything... the Draft, Players making the pro-bowl, or beating teams with winning records like Tampa Bay needing a win for a playoff spot AT HOME and we bitch slap them...Boy they really suck when there are 6 other teams with SHITTY records worse than the Raiders...Your just a Hater like every other Sheep that follows E.S.P.N....I can't beleive i thought you knew Football... I was dumb to even think you were capable of understanding...Damn you let me down...Thought you were smart!...NOT!"

  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Who cares?... that's right so why do they even Talk about them at all?..HUH?...cause they want to Hate like you A HATER!...I think if you hate them.. you care!.. cause if you didn't care at all You or E.S.P.N. wouldn' even talk about them right?...So why do they even say anything?...I rather have them not say anything at they do about all the other shitty teams in the N.F.L....They Hate cause there jealous of the Raiders!...If they were so bad like you SAY (6 years) wow long time 2002 in the S.B... why even say the teams name??? Cause they want to hate on WEST COAST TEAMS bro like you!...Thanks for making my point!"

  • commented on your video Erik Bedard Solidifies an Injured Red Sox Rotation: "Hey Mike....your forgetting when Siragusa rolled on your QB's leg....Bwahahahahahahah"

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