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  • commented on your video Matthysse coming strong: "I agree boss, How does a someone drive drunk and high and kill someone get 28 days behind bars and a year suspension from the league and Plax shoots himself in the leg and has to go to jail for 2 yrs? The Justice system is so hypocritcal.. Sometimes the athletes get special treatment and other times they throw the book and use them as an example... If you ask me, Plax should have fired that attorney a yr ago, Diddy got off cause someone lied for him, it wasnt the lawyer! NFL should stand for NEEDS FREE LEGALWORK"

  • commented on your video ERA Means EVERYTHING in baseball: "Wow T, Talk about a pitchers duel last night... Apologies for forgetting your blockbuster move of picking up Victor Martinez...I just remembered why I forgot him. Cause he SUCKS! Great game last night Victor, how many passed balls? Oh wait he did have a big Sac Fly. And thats just typical Red Sawk organizational moves..Is that how you treat your captain Varitek? If the Yanks did that to Jeter plenty of fans would voice there opinions. I guess Andy was on the Roids last night? Face it Tito, you cant talk about the first half of the seaon, if we were I would tell you the best team in the league is the Dodgers and everyone knows that aint true anymore...."

  • commented on your video ERA Means EVERYTHING in baseball: "Was that your Ace? Giving up 8 runs? 7.5 games is waaay too much to come back to win the division"

  • commented on your video ERA Means EVERYTHING in baseball: "Another solid night from Victor Martinez tonight....Big Papi looked good too, riding that bench"

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